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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Deep Breath

My very first blog somehow survived a year, and by way of celebrating, I'm starting another. Presumably if I live to be eightyish I'll have time to do nothing but sleep and write for my forty-odd blogs.

One of my consuming passions, as any reader of my other blog, Cephalogenic, knows, is the English language. Another one is perfumery and, by extension, the sense of smell, and that's what I'll be talking about. I'm not an expert (any more than I'm expert in the English language), but I'm a passionate amateur, which will have to do.

I live in a pretty small city, which means I don't have easy access to the newest and most interesting scents: unlike the writers of my favourite scent-blog, Now Smell This, I won't be able to write about the latest Serge Lutens or Comme des Garçons on a regular basis, unless I manage to hook up with some people who can swap decants, which is always a possibility. But I have a sizeable collection of fragrances--150 or so, maybe more, if you count samples--and I'm just as happy to experience, and write about, the new Ralph Lauren mass-market scent or the new Yves Rocher as I am to have a go at the latest L'Artisan Parfumeur or Escentric Molecules offering (all of which I do have, and will write about). I'll make do with what I've got; luckily, that ought to keep me going for quite a while. A year, say?


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