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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

30 Demeters in 30 Days: Day 25, Egg Nog

Today's Demeter, like yesterday's, calls to mind a Comptoir Sud Pacifique scent. The difference is that today, the Demeter version, though probably not by design, is better in its way than the CSP.

The first couple of times I tried Demeter Egg Nog, I thought, "There's way too much cinnamon in there." And there is. I've never in my life put cinnamon in egg nog; it's too strong a flavour, and in this case, it overwhelms the nutmeg (which is nonetheless there, at least, because egg nog needs nutmeg). The rest of the scent is a sweet, gorgeous French vanilla, very typical of its namesake; the thick egg-yolk quality dwindles after a time, but the luscious vanilla remains.

The potent cinnamon note and the rich creamy vanilla make Egg Nog an inexpensive substitute for CSP's Vanille Cannelle, "cannelle" being the French word for "cinnamon". As much I like the CSP, I'm surprised to find that I like the Demeter better: it's richer and more complex. It doesn't last as long (Vanille Cannelle lasts on me for a good twelve hours), but even so, it's more durable than most Demeters, going strong for a few hours. Happy hours, you might say.



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