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Saturday, June 07, 2008

30 Demeters in 30 Days: Day 7, Cinnamon Toast

I should have done this one right after Raspberry Jam and Orange Juice, for a sort of breakfast combo. Too late for that now. As you can see, I didn't really plan this; I'm just sort of winging it, one day at a time.

Some scents, as I have mentioned before and as you may have noticed, smell very different in small dabs than they do in concentration. Demeter Cinnamon Toast is one of them. If you put on just a small amount, it smells, disappointingly, like a bit of cinnamon--a single red-hot candy--and not much else. It's a very pleasant smell, but it isn't what you signed on for. If you glug some on, though (and you can, because it's not overwhelmingly strong), it actually does smell rather like cinnamon toast: that sharp, edgy, woody sourness of cinnamon, sweetened a bit, smoothed and enriched by butter (or in this case, I think, margarine), with a little, not really enough, of the hot-grain smell of toast. It's pretty good, but not laugh-out-loud delightful; it's mostly cinnamon, and somewhat synthetic (cinnamaldehyde, probably). It would have to be: nobody is steam-distilling stacks of cinnamon toast.

I wonder if Demeter is taking requests. They really need to make a French Toast, because that's a delicious smell, and I know it can be done, because there's a cereal called French Toast Crunch--I buy a box about once a year--that smells deliriously like the real thing: hot bread, egg custard, and maple syrup. (The same company makes Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is not as convincing: though tasty, it's not even as good as Demeter Cinnamon Toast.)

While I'm at it: if anyone from the company is reading, you need to make a Carnation (you have many florals already, so why not this one?) and a Tarragon (you have Basil, and leafy-anisic tarragon is a much better herb to smell like). Please?



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