One Thousand Scents

Monday, April 27, 2009


Our dear friend Trish just sent us a wedding present, a silver bowl, and wouldn't you like to see it?

This is the picture she sent to see if we'd like it:

and this is the picture Jim just took (the blue is the anti-tarnish paper it came wrapped in):

It's even more beautiful in person (so to speak--I mean, if you were here in person to see it). It was made in 1889! It's now officially the nicest thing we own.

I admit it. I like shiny things. Look at these shiny things:

Yes, they're the newest Bond No. 9 Mother's Day offerings, in (respectively) Nuits de Noho, Chelsea Flowers, and The Scent of Peace (none of which I have written about yet, though I will). I should probably think the bottles are cheap and gaudy, but I don't. I think they're pretty. Maybe your mom would, too. Would she think you were throwing your money away at $500 a pop? But they're shiny!


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