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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scentroulette Day 12: Comme des Garçons Skai

I said a very long time ago that I don't get most Comme des Garçons scents, and that's still true. I get what they're aiming for, I think: I just don't really get why people would wear them.

Skai is a form of artificial or patent leather, so it fits right into the CdG Synthetic line, which is beautifully packaged--industrial typeface stencilled onto a clear plastic bottle that looks as if it should contain a household product, lined with what looks like a tiny trash bag which collapses as it's slowly emptied.

CdG Skai smells kind of a lot like their Dry Clean (also from the Synthetic series) without the hyper-aggressive scouring-powder note, and also something like Odeur 71, which I haven't written about yet but which is sure to come up sooner or later, because I do have a sample of it. Skai starts with a bright bubbly soda-pop note which, I am guessing without any proof, smells kind of like their Soda, also from the Synthetic series. Hot on its heels is a warm, thick plasticky smell which could be leatherette or a steering-wheel cover in bright sunshine. It's certainly synthetic, no doubt about that. Later on, there is some fakey sandalwood. That's just about the extent of it.

If you want to smell like plastic clothing or a seat cover, well, this is the way to do it. I just don't know why you'd want to, even as a joke.


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