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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foreign Entanglements

As you may recall, or will learn if you click on September 2007 in the sidebar over there to the right, I went to the UK in (yes) September of 2007, and had many, or some, fragrant adventures, and bought many, or some, things. Well, I'm there again, and I am not going to be very detailed, because I am typing on an iPod touch. I'll be more specific when I get back, but until then, here is what you need to know:

After managing not to go scent shopping since last Friday, I finally caved today and went to Jenners, a department store in downtown Edinburgh, where after beating around the bush (the very nice Terre d'Hermes parfum and the silly fruity-floral Oriens) for about two minutes I made a beeline for the Serge Lutens counter, my one true obsession, where I sampled Eau de Serge (disappointing), A La Nuit (ravishing), Fleurs d'Oranger (stunning), and Clair de Musc (powdery). I got samples of these last three and also Nuit de Cellophane and the new Voyage d'Hermes when I bought my latest Lutens acquisitions, Santal Blanc and Ambre Sultan, which as it happens were the only two that they had in stock that I wanted. Lucky they didn't have Arabie or I would have had to make a hard choice.

And now I will try very hard not to do any more shopping until the Gatwick duty-free (no, not even in Paris), where all bets are off, up to a limit of $750, which is how much you can bring into Canada.



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