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Friday, November 25, 2011

Or Not To: B by BLOOD Concept

I've tried three of the four BLOOD Concept scents repeatedly and I don't know if they're actually dreadful, or if they have some merit but I just don't like them. But like them I don't. O was very odd and not actually horrible, but it didn't have much to recommend it unless you can't find the perfect combination of raspberry and bizarre. AB was appalling. And B is a fruity mess. 

The top and middle are a lightly spiced fruit accord that won't make you think of Serge Lutens, who uses such a concoction in nearly every one of his scents, because it is thin and plasticky, with no depth at all, with a metallic undertone that will make you think of a tin of artificially fruit-flavoured soft drink. Specifically,

Tahitian Treat in an old-school steel can. And then there's some patchouli and the olfactory equivalent of a buzzing fluorescent light bulb, and my god, it lasts for inescapable hours and hours, buzzing away at you but never turning into anything good or wearable.


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