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Friday, April 13, 2012

Been There Done That: Dior Homme Sport

Perhaps it's unfair of me or perhaps I am missing some really terrific scents, but I avoid scents that are labelled "Sport" or "Aqua", because I know that they will bore me insensible. They're all the same! The ad copy may babble on about passion, vitality, excitement, a zest for living, but the scents are going to be poured from the same damned tank of citrus, vetiver, spices, and woods (and Calone, if it's an Aqua), most of it synthetic and all of it done to death. There are hundreds and hundreds of these things on the market, and there is nothing to distinguish one from another: they're like rack after rack of blue jeans — standardized, uniform, unadventurous.

Consequently, I did not have particularly high hopes for Dior Homme Sport, and my expectations were fulfilled. Citrus, ginger, cedar, nothing new at all, nothing of the slightest interest, nothing that hasn't been done a hundred times already, of value only if you are determined to have the Dior name on your dresser or if you have never smelled a men's sport scent before and have nothing to compare this to. It might make a decent gift for a young man, because it's a step up from the body sprays they all seem to be wearing these days, but a very small step (and at ten times the cost, not worth it, either).

Dior Homme Sport is a flanker to Dior Homme, and like most flankers it has nothing to do with the original scent: it's just capitalizing on the established name and the look. The bottle, at least, is still excellent, the same glass monolith as Dior Homme, except that the spike is black and they've added a shot of red to the cap and the insignia. Wearers have to get their excitement somewhere.



  • With so many, many, MANY perfumes out there, it's necessary to draw the line someplace. Not trying the sport fragrances (or anything in a blue bottle...) sounds reasonable to me. When I cross the aisle to the men's side, I'm not going for them either.

    By Blogger Dionne, at 10:43 AM  

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