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Friday, November 02, 2012

Fall in Love: November by CB I Hate Perfume

Three things:

1) I think the name of Christopher Brosius' line, I Hate Perfume, is pretty awful. It's like a filmmaker saying he hates movies. I mean, I guess I get it: he hates perfume, perfuminess, but he loves scents, and what he makes and sells isn't perfume but something better. Isn't that kind of pretentious, though?

2) The website is an atrocity, a lot of pseudo-artistic rubbish by a designer who is more invested in having the site look interesting than in allowing people to find what they're looking for.

3) November (#403 on this hideous navigation page) is gorgeous, a slab of spicy pumpkin pie and a yardful of crunchy dried orange leaves. So simple, so evocative of autumn, pretty much a perfect fall scent, right up there with my favourites, the earthy Yves Rocher Nature Millénaire Pour Homme (sadly long discontinued) and the baked-apple Brandy.


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