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Friday, April 12, 2013

Airhead: Vidi by Histoires de Parfum

I was so delighted with Veni that I naturally assumed the other two scents in the series would also be excellent, so my expectations were high when I splashed on Vidi. My very first thought was, "What is that? Dill pickle? That can't be good!"

Vidi doesn't exactly smell like a dill pickle, but it does have a hint of that briny tartness. And then it immediately devolves into a grim twin of those deliberately, braggingly synthetic Comme des Garçons scents such as Odeur 53, Odeur 71, and Dry Clean.

The official list of notes includes such things as "ozone effects", "plastic rose", and "water effects", so you can immediately tell that it is meant to be a CdG knockoff crossed with yet another of those air-and-water men's scents that so contaminate our daily lives (I have two co-workers who wear nothing else), only even more artificial, if such a thing is possible. I think it's horrible: perhaps you'll like it better, but if you actually want to smell like this, you can find something similar (but less awful) in any department store for a whole lot less than $175.

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