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Sunday, June 29, 2008

30 Demeters in 30 Days: Day 29, Fiery Curry

I think it's a fair bet that Fiery Curry does not smell anything like what you expect it to.

From the name, I was expecting two things, and no doubt you were, too; fire, or at least spiciness, and curry, either turmeric-laden curry powder or an actual cooked curry. Fiery Curry, instead, is soft and mellow, slightly sweet, mildly spicy, and considerably lovelier than I would have thought from the name. It doesn't smell like food applied to your skin; it's a minimalist but sophisticated composition based on curry.

At first there's a slightly green touch of lemongrass, which floats away to reveal delicate spices and saffron (there's a hint of L'Artisan's Safran Troublant to it). It lasts maybe an hour, and it's wonderfully attractive while it lasts.

I haven't tried layering it, but I think it would make a nice addition to a number of other scents; I'm thinking it would mix well with any of the L'Artisan Epices de la Passion scents, or most any warm scent that could use a spicy boost; it's so simple that it wouldn't have much of a chance of clashing with the other fragrance. In the hands of another company, this would be the core of a more complex and durable (and expensive) scent; but since it's Demeter, we get an hour of gorgeous simplicity for a very reasonable price. Snap it up, I say.



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