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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time Limit

As I wrote back on June 13th of this year regarding a Lush solid fragrance,

Since many Lush products have nothing in the way of preservatives, and in fact some of them are meant to be kept in the fridge, they generally have an expiration date on them, which is fine in the case of, say, hair conditioner (which can separate and spoil), but is rather ridiculous when you're talking about a solid perfume, which ought to last for a decade or two. The label on the bottom of my tin says

Made on 15 OCT 07
Use by 15 DEC 08

which seems to mean that the Lush people have somehow decided that this product will last exactly 14 months and not a day more, a ludicrous notion. If it suddenly detonates or liquefies in the tin on December 16th, I'll let you know, but until you hear from me, you can assume that it's holding on as it ought to.

And here it is, December 16th, and I am pleased to let you know that it did not explode, separate, crystallize, disintegrate, evaporate, spoil, or otherwise become unusable or in any way different than what it was when I bought it.


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