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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ad Feminam, Part 1: Diablo's Secret


DEAR FRIEND: I just found out how to make DIABLO'S Secret of DOUBLE POWER. The same Double Power she used when took a husband away from his wife or a sweetheart away from the arms of his loved one. DIABLO's Secret is one of the MOST POWERFUL perfumes I have ever known. And I know that YOU would like the chance to try it NOW!

So just send me your name and address. When the postman brings you DIABLO's Secret in a plain wrapper, deposit only $3 (2 big bottles for $5) plus postage on my PERSONAL GUARANTEE: Use DIABLO's Secret yourself for 10 days. If you do not Bless ME for sending it to you, I'll send your $3 right back. And you don't have to ask for more than 2 bottles because it lasts a Long Time and is SO POWERFUL.

I think I know Diablo's secret of DOUBLE POWER, all right, and it's carefully tucked away in the silk underpants. "Diablo" is a devil or demon, but more specifically, a male devil: the female version is "Diabla". And just look at that picture: the big hat, the smouldering cigarette, the insouciant stare. No doubt about it; when the lights are down, Diablo is all man. Some husbands and sweethearts go for that.

My question is, what's in the bottle of perfume? Testosterone?


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