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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nice Guy: Odin 02 Owari

There is not really a lot to be said about Owari, the second in the line of three Odin scents. It starts out with an extraordinarily cheery burst of citrus--mostly orange, to my nose, with some grapefruit--and soon turns in to an equally cheery wood scent, sweet but not overly so, a bit peppery, but with most of the corners rounded off. (That sweetness means it almost reads as a gourmand scent, if you were a termite.) It lasts longer than you'd expect, given that slam-bang start, with the usual warm wood-amber haze at the end; the only thing missing is vanilla or its increasingly popular stand-in, tonka bean. It really is very nice; I don't know that it's worth the price (currently $110 for 100 mL), because it's not that different from a number of other things on the market, including a number of things you could get at most any drugstore (despite the exotic-sounding list of ingredients), but it's perfectly pleasant and unexceptionable, and if someone handed me a bottle, I'd wear it.


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