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Friday, April 23, 2010

Scentroulette Day 13: Comme des Garçons Rose

Two CdG scents in a row! But it really is random, I swear.

A lot of people associate rose scents with old ladies. I don't think there's anything wrong with old ladies smelling of roses: if you have to pick a thing to smell like, a rose is a pretty good one.

Comme des Garçons' take on the flower, though, is clearly meant to be miles away from an old-lady sort of perfume. It is exceedingly simple: a brilliant, velvet-petalled, light-emitting rose, lightly spiced, garnished with fresh wet raspberries. Nothing more. Hardly any development (although it does get a bit warm and sweet at the end). Extraordinarily beautiful.

For different take on the modern rose scent, there's the gothy-dark Rossy de Palma by Etat Libre D'Orange. For my take on two other CdG scents in the Red series, check out Carnation (yum) and Harissa (yuck).



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