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Friday, August 20, 2010

All In The Details

Once again, a good bottle ruined by a crappy top.

The bottles for Tommy Hilfiger's new scent, Loud, are instantly recognizable as LPs. They look a bit cheaply done: a higher grade of glass would take the grooves more crisply. But they're clever, they're novel, and they get their point across at a glance.

The caps, on the other hand, are meant to suggest stereo knobs, but they look like something that you'd find on a bottle of something unspeakably downmarket at a dollar store, don't they? Heck, the cap on the women's bottle isn't even sitting squarely; that doesn't augur well for its quality.

Perhaps they look better in person; I haven't seen the line yet, so I couldn't say. But I am dubious. It's fair to assume these days that all photographs are tinkered with to improve them, so if the caps look this cheapjack in a photo, how are they going to look in real life?

I will be trying both of these as soon as I get my hands on them, because they are apparently based on the same notes, rose and patchouli, but taken in different directions: the women's will naturally have a fruity-floral composition, because most every mass-market scent seems to these days, while the men's will downplay the rose in favour of a patchouli-heavy base. It's entirely possible that we will have another Midnight Poison on our hands, but hey, maybe they're interesting. Can't hurt to try.


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