One Thousand Scents

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I thought you'd be interested in reading this first-person account of anosmia on Anosmia is the acquired or congenital inability to smell. I can't quite allow myself to imagine what it might be like to live with that. I hope I never find out.


In early June I wrote about Demeter Grass and said I'd never smelled any fresh-mown grass that resembled it. But now I have!

We were heading back with groceries one morning early this week--Jim was on vacation, I had the day off, and were on foot, as always, because we don't own a car--when I caught the smell of something that was kind of like mowing, but not quite. I couldn't place it at first, until I realized, "Oh, hey--that's Demeter Grass! That's just what it is!" I still don't know quite what I smelled; maybe someone had just mowed a lawn that wasn't the usual grass, or maybe someone had spilled a shipment of Demeter, but it was out there, in the real world, and it was pretty nice.


The Demeter Humongous Minis, by the way, have gone up from $5 to $6 each. They're still worth it, but I'm glad I got a whole bunch of them before the price increase.


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