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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scentroulette Day 16: Golden Adler by Erich Zibermann

Well, first things first. "Golden Adler" is German for "golden eagle". It is the name of a famous hotel in Innsbruck, Austria, and it is also the name of a scent by one Erich Zibermann, about whom I can find absolutely nothing worthwhile. Really: do a Google search. Like, six hits. There is also nothing about the fragrance line--apparently there are other scents, including White Adler and Royal Adler, but nothing about those, either--so I'm flying solo here.

Once you get past the smell of a jar of olives in the top--I don't know what it's doing there--you have a smoky birch-tar scent reminiscent of, but not remotely as aggressive as, Eau de Fier by Annick Goutal.

No, seriously: the top of the scent smells exactly like you just opened a jar of green olives.

Like Alfred Kafé, Golden Adler comes to me courtesy of the Perfumed Court not-available-in-North-America men's sampler. Unlike Alfred Kafé, I rather like the beguilingly charred tar fumes of this one.


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