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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Try Again: Karma by Gorilla Perfume

Now, I do not particularly love patchouli most of the time, although sometimes I will grudgingly admit that a patchouli scent can be excellent, even if I can't wear it, and on occasion in the right company it can sneak up on me, so you will have to keep that well in mind when I am discussing a scent that consists of little else.

Lush's signature scent, Karma, is constructed almost entirely of orange and patchouli: there are a half-dozen notes listed but those are the only ones that matter. Karma starts out as orange peel and patchouli and it remains orange peel and patchouli for a very long time. Whatever novelty that combination might have had at the outset — and its novelty value is considerable, because at first whiff I find it charming and unexpectedly cheery — is exhausted long before the scent ever fades away. There's no development: it just keeps going on in that singular mindset, and on, and on. An hour or so of it is all I can take before I start looking around for an escape hatch. It is relentless.

Karma, unfortunately, is what a bad idea smells like.



  • I agree. It won't stop shouting and is hard to scrub off.

    By Blogger Brian, at 11:17 PM  

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